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Posted by dominique | Datum: 2014
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not-really-longer yadda yadda:
snooweatinganima is my virtual existence, my subject in the virtual environment. By using the net, everybody becomes a number. If you have your presence - your IP# - provided by someone, it will start, will be born when you enter...and perish if you disconnect. You always become someone else, even if your autobiographical memory tells you that you're the same. For me, having a homepage is like having an external memory, linking things so that I can go back into the labyrinth of my past (apologies to all Anais Nin readers). Since the strong notion of a "self" is philosophically dubious, it's a pleasure to have a private scrapbook that changes with you, well, at least under the same URI.
who I am
Posted by dominique | Datum: 2014
I am earning my living doing "Computer Stuff": working for Acht Grad Media, I can dabble with many aspects of modern IT (Virtualization, Networks, Servers, Clients, Software, Hardware) while not being evil: we are offering honest IT solutions for small to medium clients in the area. Formerly, I was a student of philosophy, computer science and anthropology at the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz, Germany for many, many semesters, until 2015 when I actually finished university as one of the last Magister Artium.

What do you like?
Many things. Intelligence, Compassion, Empathy, Honesty...sort of what everybody likes. A short list'o'things(tm):

  • literature: everything from Thomas Mann (whom I really, really adore) to Douglas Adams, from Goethe (the Mozart of words) to Silke Sibylle Berg. Mostly the classical, canonical stuff. Random tip: Versuch über die Müdigkeit from Peter Handke
  • music: classical music (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart), Jazz (Coltrane, Davis, up to Nora Jones), Blues (know Robert Johnson?), HipHop (Mos Def, Zion-I, native tongues, Wu Tang, rarely German & French HipHop), good Beat music, some World music (Die Grine Kuzine), some punk, some hardcore.
  • art: photography, modern architecture, photorealism (know Antje Majewski?), provocative actions (Christoph Schlingensief). Old Masters & young, unknown ones.
  • philosophy: most anything. I like older Christian philosophers like Thomas von Aquin or Leibniz (even though I'm a type-B materialist) as well as Marx (he's very sarcastic) and modern analytical philosophy of mind (thanks to T. Metzinger). Aristotle and Plato are primary thinkers no one should left out. If I were to name my most beloved philosopher, I'd say Nietzsche,- but that's because you can get everything and nothing out of him.
  • film: My friends say I'm too picky... I adore films like "Tokyo Story" by Yasujiro Ozu (my favourite film is soon available on dvd), "Ghost Dog" by Jim Jarmush, "Apocalypse Now" by F.F. Coppola, "Jazz Seen" by Julian Benedikt, "Magnolia" by Paul Thomas Anderson, "Love and Anarchy" and "Seven Beauties" by Lina Wertmüller, "Europe" by Lars von Trier or even "Nosferatu" by Murnau, I laugh at funny ones like "Braindead" by P. Jackson, I can kill time with mostly harmless ones like "Lord of the rings" or "Matrix 1", but I loathe the reactionary dumb ones like "Pearl Harbor", "Blackhawk Down" or "Matrix 2".
  • computers: esp. poking around with GNU/Linux (counted Linux User #203485), exploring the immense complexity of my PC as well as the vast landscapes of the internet, programming, participating in communications, creating and manipulating pictures.